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Change Management Ritaconsult ™

Ritaconsult TM is an unique management consulting firm. It works in the opposite direction of the traditional matrix-based strategy consulting. Ritaconsult TM is not a static strategy-forecasting, but a dynamics change- resistance and change-friendliness type of management consulting. It’s philosophy is “the challenges are the norm”. In organizational change management instead of delivering transformational projects it delivers change-friendliness dynamics of the organizational functioning.

Risk Management Ritaconsult ™

◊ We identify and remove as appropriate the obstacles to risk-proofing, presented by habits, procedures and culture in business organization ◊ We consult for developing managers’ skills and behaviors directed toward risk-proof style of management ◊ We train in building of clear accountabilities for risk-proofing at the individual micro (job) level ◊ We ensure that the communications flow in the business organization is freed and rationalized so people can deal with the “matrix” clearly, easily and willingly
Research Ritaconsult TM

Latest studies

Most of the research projects of Ritaconsult TM are self-funded and the results are published in books. Some of the new titles available are: Legal Research Series: Privacy in Canadian Corporations Organizational Behavior Series: Bigotry and Work Ethics in Canadian Corporations in Quebec Social Research Series: Upward Social Mobility in Canadian Business Organization; Generalized VS Particularized Trust in the Process of Building of International Social Capital
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